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Kevin O'Leary “It’s funny that cameo devalued celebrity endorsements that it’s within reach of regular consumers. good luck with the SEC 🥚”
Davinci Jeremie aka Davincij15 “Davinci is a bitch. He's a shitcoin shiller and lets be frank, his money comes from selling overpriced courses, not from buying btc at $1”
Thunderf00t “As I get older, I find myself admiring the contributions of scholarly figures more and more. They are just reliable figures to be inspired by, who value logic at the forefront, and Thunderf00t is one of those people who I greatly respect for not only keeping the internet somewhat sane in this world we live in, but being a figure who propels the scientific world forward.”

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Davinci Jeremie aka Davincij15

  Family Man, Programmer, YouTuber, and early bitcoin adopter.


Louis C.K.

  Comedian Louis CK likes to put dumb shit on youtube, including all episodes of his podcast.

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