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Coffeezilla - “bitch ass”
Grant Cardone “<span>Strictly legally, he's not a piece of trash scammer. Morally and ethically, sure, of course . He’s a typical scamming dream seller that lies and exaggerates.</span>”
XRP Right Now “Please fix your sound ! I can never hear sound on the videos/interviews you play on your videos, even with airphones !!”
Jake Tran “How sad I've watched this cunt since the beginning of his rise and now he's becoming similar to the people his videos criticized but like he said just unsubscribe if you're not happy zero apologies :)” “Very creepy company owned by a very creepy little dude ( Roger ver ) Now their shit app ecosystem doesn't even work. They will probably crash the entire industry They have been holding funds of users against their will for months now, using KYC as a pretext. Avoid at all costs.”
Ray Dalio “Dalio is one of the best minds to understand how the economy works. What really made me think he was great, is when he changed his mind about Bitcoin and began to see its merits.  I'm not saying I like him because he likes bitcoin. I'm saying it takes an intelligent person to change their mind about something they have criticised in the past. It means he seeks the truth, not to be right.”
Elon Musk “I was neutral on Musk but when I heard of the "Boring Tunnels" back then I gave up on him. He plays with people's fantasy of a futuristic cyberpunk society by installing colorful LED Lights and stereotypical modern design to generate a bunch of money...its all a show, smoke and mirrors. If anything he does see the world as a free trial for Mars.”
Graham Stephan “Unmoderated piece of shit. Frankly, the dude goes around explaining how he's a millennial millionaire, but he can't even afford proper moderation on his comment section. What the actual fuck ?”
SatoSHE “Honestly, women in tech is the last thing we need 😂 Soon enough they're gonna massively ask "why aren't there any women in bitcoin" and this how it starts. You can already read whining comments from dumb bitches talking about gender equality and whatever.”
The Bitcoin Foundation “I managed to watch a couple of videos 1/2 way through until I had to admit that I know far too little about this subject to make use of this particular channel. I get the basic idea(s) behind crypto-currency etc, but this content is far too specific for me.”
Spencer Cornelia “Very funny. I thought he was a bit slow but I started to like him. He's a one of the good guys, hopefully he will keep making videos for a long time. I don't really care about american sports though, so the part of his work isn't resonating with me.”
Tone Vays “Simping to a girl who's also on TNT 😂😂”
Crypto Bobby “Dead channel. Hasn't uploaded anything for 11 months, which is a shame because he was one of the legit crypto influencers/interviewers in the space. We need you to come back Bobby !! I'll change my rating to 5 stars when you do.”
XRP Bags “Very nice channel”
Mitch Ray “Gloroified douchebag”
Apple “I think Steve Jobs would be ashamed.”
Briona Caden “Fake channel using stolen pictures and robot voice. Quality is non existent, don't even bother 😤” “Roger Ver owns and is savagely misleading the public into thinking Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Fuck him, fuck his downvote brigade and fuck "Bcash" 😂😂”

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Davinci Jeremie aka Davincij15

  Family Man, Programmer, YouTuber, and early bitcoin adopter.


Louis C.K.

  Comedian Louis CK likes to put dumb shit on youtube, including all episodes of his podcast.

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