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Tanitoo Coin · $TNT “Yo, what's happening with that SHIB giveaway when we reach 1M ? 1,000,000 is like $10, are you going to refill those ?”
Vijaya Gadde “She is pure evil and Jack is her master! these people are sick and evil! and why TF leftists always look so sad a depressed?”
Bill Gates “I loved the old Bill Gates from his Microsoft era. A tough bastard who took no prisoners, real model for us nerds. BUt I just can't get behind his whole philanthropy foundation bullshit. For one, he sounds gake and fay (more than usual) when he talks about it, and I personally couldn't give a lesser shit about stuff like polio in Africa, or the sewage system in New Delhi (and you don't either, let's be honest with ourselves here). Why doesnt he quit being a moron and start being a BALLER ? We want to see jets, yachts and hoes, not starving kids and fucking drinkable sewage water. Get your shit together, nerd.”
BitBoy Crypto “<span>There has been hearsays about how he likes to dump his coins on his followers ( Doge and Tron at some point ) he also promotes risky leverage and his channel content is mostly sucks.</span> His sub / view ratio is shit, so I'm guessing that the remainder of his followers are retarded kids. ”

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Louis C.K.

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