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Kevin O'Leary “Greedy to the core and so much for his due diligence”
Coffeezilla - “Lot of misleading tittles ...can't you change it to Cuban titan coins are going to 0...lost everything is misleading...You know be honest? Stop scamming with misleading tittles...sure most people should know as i did know this tittle is BS...but many people are ignorant (as we all are on different subjects...(like i know am very ignorant of the Kardashians, desperate housewives/real housewives and most hip hop music...)... Talking about scamming crypto people by post scamming and mislead tittles on your video is just a bit hypocritical.”
The Bitcoin Family “Very cute family ! I admire the hell out of you and your family. Keep yourselves safe and your investments safe. Thank you for standing up for liberty and freedom of choice!”
Vijaya Gadde “As an Indian American I am ashamed of her and her hypocrisy. Don't fall for her bs, smh. I hope Elon puts her on the streets with unemployment”
Warren Buffet “This old timer guy is just way tooooooo old… Let him go already and enjoy his retirement… his concept of money is as old as our banking system… old guys did well within the old system, so why would you expect them trying to even understand the blockchain technology, and the crypto community within it.”
Bill Gates “Hi Bill, I am a big fan. Thank you very much for your work on saving the world from the global pandemic and global warming and everything else that you do.”

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Davinci Jeremie aka Davincij15

  Family Man, Programmer, YouTuber, and early bitcoin adopter.


Louis C.K.

  Comedian Louis CK likes to put dumb shit on youtube, including all episodes of his podcast.

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