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2 THE FUTURE with Jixuan & Sebastian “Hilarious. Too bad they stopped making videos after Thunderf00t debunked their Elon Musk pseudo-science nonsense. Those two had true comedy value 🥺 I hope they're fine...”
Kevin O'Leary “This boomer has no business giving advice on crypto. He never believed in it, not really. He even got his first wallet stolen, and has been caught talking shit about Bitcoin back when it wasn't as popular and actually needed mainstream endorsement. He's an opportunist and now he gives unsolicited crypto investment advice and pushes for further regulations in the industry. Two stars because he's an entertaining prick regardless.”
Mark Cuban “I mean, he does sound like a joke as far as investing goes ( missing on Ring and the sponge company on shark tank and shit) , but I think he's one of the rare a good guys in the BBC. ⭐⭐⭐ For you, buddy 😅😂”
Jack Dorsey “I'll give him 2 stars as he actually apologized for contributing to a centralized and censored internet ran by billionaire corporations. He didn't have the balls to stand up to the globalists who took over his company, and now he looks like a drug addict weirdo. I think he learned his lesson.”
Elon Musk “Elon has never delivered on any of his big plans. So I don't know how his Twitter takeover would be different in terms of freedom of speech, but I guess that we should at least encourage it ... 🚀🚀🚀🚀”

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Davinci Jeremie aka Davincij15

  Family Man, Programmer, YouTuber, and early bitcoin adopter.


Louis C.K.

  Comedian Louis CK likes to put dumb shit on youtube, including all episodes of his podcast.

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