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Kevin O'Leary “Kevin is such a scheming mess….he definitely knew something was shady and decided to turn the other way and collect his $$”
Do Kwon “The kid did his best trying to save a failing project. He got in over his head when he taunted billionaires to try and crash his Algo Stablecoin. Whoever lost money on Terra/Luna should voice their concerns to these so called Twitter crypto billionaires. Get over it”
Justin Kan “I really like the educational side of this channel. Justin is a great listener and he's able to interview important people who wouldn't normally care about doing interviews. Just that alone makes it worth watching and subscribing He has a very unique voice in the space as the cofounder of a legendary service and I love the enthusiasm he gives off in all of his videos, but I just can't get behind his NFT shilling bullshit. I think this is going to jeopardise his reputation when the whole NFT fad comes crashing down a few months or years down the road. Badly. He's rich so he probably has money laying around waiting to be spent on trivialities, but he should realize that normal people consider influencer and gaming NFTs as useless insulting cashgrabs, especially coming from a billionaire. You should cut the crap before alienating the rest your fanbase who isnt already pissed”

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Louis C.K.

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