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  1. Otto Fürst von Bismarck, Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Herzog zu Lauenburg

    Otto Fürst von Bismarck, Graf von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Herzog zu Lauenburg

    It’s funny that cameo devalued celebrity endorsements that it’s within reach of regular consumers.
    good luck with the SEC 🥚

    Kevin O'LearyKevin O’Leary

  2. Thomas Sánchez

    Thomas Sánchez

    Of course they will change to wireless charging only. They’ll sell their phones regardless, and it’s the perfect way to push proprietary wireless charging and just make more money. Apple went without fast charging for years when they could’ve done, and the reduced battery life overall as a result of wireless charging is just planned obsolescence. Ditching the charging port instead of going to USB C is a win win win scenario for them


  3. Thomas Sánchez

    Thomas Sánchez

    Dumb channel shilling shitcoins such as “dollarmoon” (lol )


  4. Paola Picasa

    Paola Picasa

    i met speed before he was famous and i really can’t like him. I don’t know why they like it but I don’t care either. As long as he doesn’t make any more mistakes like that, everything is fine.


  5. John Dough

    John Dough

    Greedy to the core and so much for his due diligence

    Kevin O'LearyKevin O’Leary

  6. Donny Brockmeier

    Donny Brockmeier

    bitch ass

    Coffeezilla -Coffeezilla –

  7. John Dough

    John Dough

    Lot of misleading tittles …can’t you change it to Cuban titan coins are going to 0…lost everything is misleading…You know be honest? Stop scamming with misleading tittles…sure most people should know as i did know this tittle is BS…but many people are ignorant (as we all are on different subjects…(like i know am very ignorant of the Kardashians, desperate housewives/real housewives and most hip hop music…)…
    Talking about scamming crypto people by post scamming and mislead tittles on your video is just a bit hypocritical.

    Coffeezilla -Coffeezilla –

  8. Edward Rocca

    Edward Rocca

    It’s really saddening what happened t here… All these celebrities took a fat piece of the the pie and walked away. Their money is held somewhere in an anonymous crypto wallet while everyone who invested lost everything : crypto backed mutual funds, 401k retirement accounts, city pensions and so on.

    Kevin O'LearyKevin O’Leary

  9. Frito Pendejo

    Frito Pendejo

    Kevin is such a scheming mess….he definitely knew something was shady and decided to turn the other way and collect his $$

    Kevin O'LearyKevin O’Leary

    • Edward Rocca

      Edward Rocca

      He got something like 15M out of it ? he had to know something was up… there’s no way 15M is a reasonable figure for paid promotion of a crypto exchange

      Kevin O'LearyKevin O’Leary

  10. Joe Brandon

    Joe Brandon

    Please never stop what you’re doing.
    I’ve found that Mojeek is the only way to access hidden/submerged parts of the internet iceberg (aka everything that got wiped out from Google indexes after 2015, and maybe as early as 2010).

    If you’re a conspiracy nut like me, or simply want to LEARN ABOUT controversial topics, you will love this.

    • Saint Louis

      Saint Louis

      I found it quite unreliable for long, precise queries (which google used to be good at) like, it’s gonna skip out half of the query and return unrelated stuff for the most part. Not feeling tracked feels pretty good, but I don’t mind all that much tbh.

    • Joe Brandon

      Joe Brandon

      I couldn’t give a lesser shit about being tracked. It’s a fake argument and an MSM narrative to divert us from the elephant in the room that’s censorship.

      Nobody really gives a shit about privacy. Nobody used DuckDuckGo because of their privacy policy, it was all about uncensored results, and now that it’s gone, people are gone from DuckDuckGo.

      At the end of the day, your privacy is in your hands, anyone could use multiple proxies within multiple virtual machines, and have military level opsec practices, it just requires some work, and you shouldn’t expect that work to come from a tech company, regardless what their mission statement is.

      Fragmentation is search has already happened. And I think Mojeek has a niche (uncensored results on controversial topics), and they’ll retain their edge as long as they don’t cave in on their values and start censoging like BitChute did.

    • Barbara Zhang

      Barbara Zhang

      That’s because privacy if the only sales argument they’re able to make while keeping a straight face.
      They (alongside Duckduckgone and the likes) are using Bing results in exchange for money, The only thing that differs from Bing is the packaging, but you’re actually getting Bing results ( not bad, but not theirs, and likely censored)

    • Joe Brandon

      Joe Brandon

      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.
      The point of Mojeek is precisely to not depend on Bing results.
      Have you even used it ? I don’t have time to teach you, but just try looking for some 9/11 related stuff and you’ll see what this is about.

  11. Saint Louis

    Saint Louis

    Too bad they stopped making videos after Thunderf00t debunked their Elon Musk pseudo-science nonsense.

    Those two had true comedy value 🥺 I hope they’re fine…

    2 THE FUTURE with Jixuan & Sebastian2 THE FUTURE with Jixuan & Sebastian

  12. Jean Dupont

    Jean Dupont

    What a bimbo.

    I still can’t believe this bitch was filmed at the club making out with non-husbands and the media just forgot about it. She was doing coke and having sex parties in the presidential palace.

    She is literally the Slut-in-Chief.

    Sanna MarinSanna Marin

  13. The homeless guy you told you dont have money

    The homeless guy you told you dont have money

    CZ is a shady little dude. Still better than Bankman Fried, but still. I don’t think crypto was meant to be ruled by some overwhelmingly centralized giant.

    Changpeng Zhao 🔶 BinanceChangpeng Zhao 🔶 Binance

  14. The homeless guy you told you dont have money

    The homeless guy you told you dont have money

    What in the fuck ???
    I swear to God this channel worked fine yesterday.
    This is so fucking aggravating. Why would you POSSIBLY delete that content ? Sure, most of those talks dated back to 2015, but this is Bitcoin history we’re talking about. And you deleted it.

    Bravo 🖕

    The Bitcoin FoundationThe Bitcoin Foundation

  15. Guest Von Guest

    Guest Von Guest

    I first heard about this gem thanks to Coffeezilla’s video “exposing” his involvement in the Paradox Crypto scam.

    Then, I noticed he had like 15M followers… what in the fuck ? Who even watches this ? Kids ? We’re doomed guys…

    btw, he should be under the “gaming” category, rather than crypto. Just a thought.


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